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The Happiness Hamper

Do you remember the joy of sending and receiving postcards?

As we grew up and got busy with the chores of professional and personal lives, we've forgotten the simple joys of life :(

We've kind of made it simple for you, if you wish to deliver that small joy to someone in these times where reaching out and meeting physically seems far fetched!

Here's what we've packed up in the hamper--

  • Packed 8 digitized versions of original watercolor paintings

  • 8 India-post stamps of ₹5 each

  • 18 decorative stamps- non glue- with messages, smiley etc.

  • All packed up in pretty envelope.

Here's a little video for you to be able to understand what we're talking about :)

#postcards #greetingcards #virtualhugs #keepintouch

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