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Artisanal products handpicked, handmade by an Artist

Handmade Bookmarks | Postcards

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Welcome to a world of Creative Energy! "anujarusiya" draws you into a world that’s culturally curious, intellectually alive and glowing with irresistible passion. A brand that believes in philosophy to #becreative through our designs which is reflected in our products. From handmade to prêt we make stationery and home décor that is heavenly and sure to bring happiness to your life.



Add Beauty and Functionality to your daily living

  • The Pen is mightier than the sword!

    Explore our beautiful range of writing pads made of high quality paper that are anti blot and can be put to use to write poems, letters or a simple thank you.

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  • Shell Palettes

    Beautiful shells sourced from various beach areas of the world are carefully arranged and mounted on wooden discs to create beautiful palettes which are perfect for small paintings or storage of colors, even more awesome for artistic flatlays!

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Art is a blessing, a positive force that energises everyone it touches. My motto is to make art affordable and accessible to all.

anuja rusiya

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